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The market changes, as does your company,  we will help you to always be ahead.

Consulting Service

We offer consulting services by analyzing data, your processes and thus optimizing the company resources that will grow your business.

 We support customers in extracting knowledge with statistic and machine learning datamining methodologies directly from their databases that are difficult to process due to their heterogeneity and quantity.

We provide specialized advice on technologies and applications appropriate for this purpose.

Our Expertise

Business Intelligence Analyst

  • Deep understanding of business intelligence tools

  • Solid analytical skills necessary to manipulate data according to the requirements of the business objectives

  • Providing management with strategic and decision-making drivers

  • Presentation of relevant information in the most significant and intuitive forms

Data Engineer

  • Deep knowledge and experience in the design and implementation of Business Intelligence platforms.

  • Developing and maintaining the infrastructure to extract and process both structured and unstructured data

  • Designing big data pipelines connecting multiple data sources and frameworks

Data Scientist

  • Understanding the business problem and formulating the best analytical approach to solve it

  • Describing and analysing the available data in order to derive useful insights

  • Deep knowledge of statistical methods and machine learning algorithms

  • Visually and verbally communicating results in a clear way

Machine Learning Engineer

  • Development and implementation of scalable machine learning solutions

  • Strong knowledge of deep learning models

  • Putting new models into production and monitoring existing ones

  • Implementing best practices to enhance the machine learning infrastructure (optimization, tuning, testing)


Different Machine Learning models can be adapted and applied in order to simply manage complex problem.

ARIMA models, ETS models, linear regression, logistic regression, linear discriminant analysis, lasso, ridge regression, elastic net, Naïve Bayes, k-Nearest neighbors, support vector machines, decision tree, bagging, random forest, gradient boosting, k-Means clustering, DBSCAN, hierarchical clustering, isolation forest, local outlier factor, Apriori algorithm, t-SNE, convolutional neural network, recurrent neural network, autoencoder

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Private Cloud

the service will be hosted in our datacenter, which thanks to high availability architectural solutions based on IBM power and x86 with flash storage you will have the maximum performance available on the market.


Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud.

Customer infrastructure

We can configure the application directly at your cloud infrastructure or on premise helping you to optimize performance and costs.



Service Delivery

We provide our customers with the possibility of using both, an infrastructure located in a private datacenter and in the cloud with technicians certified directly by the providers

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